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Thank You to all our Current and Previous Tenants.

We are so thankful for all the of you who currently call

Pine Allard Properties and Willow properties home.

For 30 years we have offered  a Place to Call HOME  to many people over the years in Sault Ste Marie, supplying quality housing

A lot has changed over the years... the one stable part is that is has been the same owner

We have kept our buildings in great shape

We continue to upgrade our units and our infrastructure

My husband & I moved into 769 Pine Street, Apt. 401 on June 26, 1967.  It was our first apartment as husband & wife.


We lived there for 2 years and enjoyed every minute,  So many good memories.


We met so many good friends there.   Many of the people in our building were from out of town so we kind of joined forces and had our own little village. The families were from England, British Columbia, Quebec, Southern Ontario& Italy.


As a new bride I did not have a lot of cooking skills and the family across the hall from us took it upon themselves to teach me how to cook spaghetti.   This was quite a feat as I had never had spaghetti and pizza was not in my vocabulary as I was from southern Ontario. We still drive by the apartment building to this day and say remember when!!!!!!!!  


Congratulations on your anniversary and maintaining the buildings.  


Penny & Mike Poluk

Penny & Mike Poluk

Tenant since 2016