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Apartment friendly workouts and tips

Apartment friendly workouts and tips to help you stick with your exercise program even in the summer heat

Finding ways to exercise outside the gym has become essential over this last year. Even though your apartment doesn’t have all the equipment a gym would, it’s entirely possible to create a comprehensive workout you can do in your apartment. 

Apartment workouts can be just as satisfying as going to the gym. One of the best ways to stick with a new fitness routine is to start slowly and build to your optimal goal. You don’t need to commit hours to exercise per week to see a difference. 

Start with a schedule of at least 3 days exercise spaced out to include rest days. If you’re concerned about sticking with it, try beginning with just 10 minutes at a time. In ten minutes, you can boost your mental and physical health making it easier to add other forms of exercise. Gradually bump up your exercise time or add additional days to until you have a routine that works for you. When time is restricted, increase your intensity to pack more power into your session.

This quiet apartment workout routine from Greatist combines squats, planks, lunges, and other exercises to give your body a full workout without added noise. With this routine, you don’t need to work along with a video or move at anyone else’s speed. You can start with half the suggested exercises and add in more as you get used to it. 

It can be hard to stick with an apartment fitness routine during the summer. Avoid the heat by exercising in the morning or evenings instead. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. The addition of an icy-cold drink can help increase your endurance during hot weather. Freeze juice or Gatorade in an ice-cube tray then blend it up before a workout. Remember, outdoor activities such as swimming, paddle boarding, and rowing pack a powerful punch too.

Don’t be hard on yourself when you don’t feel like exercising. Instead of forcing yourself to exercise, get active by going for a walk, bike ride, or dancing to your favourite music. It’s more important to create a fitness habit than completing specific exercises. 

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