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Apartment Hacks Every Renter Should Know

Everyone wants to feel at home wherever they live. But what if you're a renter? Can you still change your apartment to suit your personal style?

YES! While large modifications aren't recommended, there's plenty of damage free alterations you can do to add a personal touch. 

Apartment kitchens often provide limited space. As a renter it can be difficult to figure out how to add your personal flare. Finding extra space in the kitchen starts with creativity:

While investing in multipurpose furniture is a must for renters, there's plenty of room for style: 

  • Hang large art pieces to drastically alter the look of any room. 3M Command Strips offer a secure hold and damage free removal. 
  • Large area rugs over carpet add extra style to your apartment. Plus, the extra cushioning helps with heat retention and noise blocking.
  • Plants can help deflect city noise when strategically placed. They can also be a fun way to add extra colour and texture to your rental.  

Add style to your bedroom without worrying about your security deposit:

  • A large plywood board can be a functional focal point and a place to hang art, jewelry, or photos. 
  • Buy a bedframe with drawers to eliminate your need for a dresser and help you achieve a minimalist look. 
  • Bring in that hotel vibe with overstuffed throw pillows in a contrasting colour. 

Soften your apartment bathroom without renovating it:

  • A curved shower rod adds space and enhances the look and feel of the room.
  • Store your towels on a hanging wine rack.
  • Opt for a large plush bathmat or two. These will feel wonderful stepping out on and soften the look of the room.

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