By: Next Apartment
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Be a Good Neighbour!

Living in a building or community with many other families can be wonderful, but also a trying experience at times.

We all know that it can be tough at times to get along with everyone, as we all come from different walks of life and have different ideas! But, we all win when we are kind, accepting and considerate to everyone in our communities. Next Apartment has some great tips to help you be a friendly and considerate neighbour.


Be Considerate

When moving into a new apartment building, keep the noise level down as much as possible. Don't leave boxes (full or empty) in the hall, and be considerate in the parking lot. After you have moved in, plan to introduce yourself to your neighbours. When you meet them in the hall, apologize for any noise or disruptions your move may have caused and work on getting to know them! When you live on any floor above the main level, consider your foot noise. Purchasing a few area rugs can really soften footsteps. Be mindful of the noise level when playing music, watching tv or socializing or playing outside - especially later at night when bylaw noise rules come into effect.

Be Friendly

Don't avoid your neighbours because you don't know them. You could be missing out on a great friendship! Instead, say good morning, have a nice day/night, and smile.  Participate in neighbourhood activities either on the street or within the building or community. Spend time in shared areas, plan activities, or organize a block party.

Be Generous and Kind

Simple gifts during holidays or known special occasions are a nice way to show your neighbours a little love. Another easy way to be friendly is a random act of kindness; help them carry their groceries up the stairs, lend them something they need, or share some homemade baked goods. Try to always be kind, polite, and thoughtful towards others.

When you make an effort to be a good neighbour, your life and the lives around you will be richer. Life in a rental can be a great experience, see for yourself when you visit one of our buildings to view our suites.