By: Next Apartment

Clean Out Your Pantry and Keep it Organized

Has your pantry gotten out of control? Are you afraid something will fall out when you open the door? If so, we can help. An organized pantry will not only help you simplify mealtime, but it’ll eliminate wasted foods and help you save money.

For a clean and organized pantry, start by emptying everything from the pantry. Use your kitchen table to store what you take out so there’s plenty of space and nothing in the way of cleaning. Then do a deep clean of the entire pantry. Vacuum crevasses for crumbs and other debris. Wipe down shelves, interior walls, and the door with a warm soapy cloth.

Once your pantry is clean, start sorting your items into categories. Group similar items together like baking goods, cans, condiments, snacks, etc. Then check for duplicates and expired foods. Weed out any passed holiday candy and other treats no one’s interested in.

This is a good time to assess your needs. Have you changed your diet? Vowed to reduce sugar intake or remove processed fats? Set aside any nonperishable foods you can donate to your local food bank and toss anything expired or stale.

Before you restock your pantry, think about how you want to keep your food and what you’ll use most frequently. Keep things organized by using clear bins, baskets, and shelf dividers and add labels so everyone will know what’s inside. Look for products that keep items contained like this stackable rack to organize canned goods. Command has a line of caddies perfect for spices, packets, mixes, and vitamin bottles.

The key to keeping your pantry clean and organized is to always put items in their designated spot and review your pantry contents once a month. To help eliminate food waste, adopt a first in, first out policy. Always place newly purchased items at the back of the cupboard or bottom of your sorting bin.

Every pantry organization will need tweaking. Live with it for a few months and change it up as you discover what works best for you.