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Get Ahead of Spring Cleaning in Your Apartment

Believe it or not, Spring is here! So is that dreaded task...Spring Cleaning.

If you are like us, you'd probably rather spend your spring day outside than inside cleaning your apartment.

Here are a few tips to jump-start your cleaning:


When treated promptly, hot water and a scrub brush will remove most stains. However, if your carpet needs a little extra attention, you can purchase a carpet spot cleaner from your local store or make one yourself. Always use as little soap as possible and dry your carpets completely.


The kitchen gets messy, and even if you clean it daily, a good thorough clean is necessary at least twice a year.

  • Clean your microwave with vinegar and water.
  • Make an all-purpose cleaner to clean countertops, the fridge, and the insides and outsides of cupboards.
  • Clean your oven with baking soda and vinegar (watch the how-to video at the


As the most used room of your apartment, the bathroom deserves a thorough deep clean as often as you can. Use rubber gloves and an all-purpose cleaner to get surfaces clean and sanitized. Disinfecting wipes are a great help to sanitize after a clean or provide spot cleaning. Visit the DIY Network for a bathroom cleaning tutorial.


Next Apartment understands life is busy and not everyone has the time to do a thorough clean, so we've compiled a list of the best cleaning services in your area.


Maid to Shine


Servicing the York region for 18 years, this professional company offers housekeeping along with various cleanings tasks such as a spring clean, after party clean, and regular routine cleaning.

Charmaine's Maid Service


With 15 years' experience, this cleaning service provides skilled and reliable work. Services include one-time deep cleaning, daily/weekly cleans, or specialized tasks. Free quotes available.


Sault Ste. Marie

Always Cleaner Maid Service


This team will provide specialized care for your apartment cleaning. Services include one-time deep cleaning, specialized requests, or regularly scheduled cleanings. Free estimates available.

Fine Cleaning Service


This eco-friendly company cleans and sanitizes your living space with all-natural cleaning products. One-time cleans or regularly scheduled cleaning is available.