By: Next Apartment
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Holiday Hosting in your Apartment

The holidays are here and you CAN throw a great party in your apartment!

Next Apartment has a few great tips to help you optimize your space

When your guest list starts to climb towards the 20s, 30s, or (gasp!) even the 40s, don't panic, just start planning! Organization and lots of prep is the key to a successful dinner party, evening party, or family gathering.

In an apartment, it is crucial to optimize every space. Tidy your home by putting away anything that will disrupt the party flow. Breakable knickknacks should be stored safely out of the party zone and all clutter removed. Avoid serving all the food in one spot, instead, use end tables, TV tables, bookshelves, and other flat surfaces around your apartment. Plan to place coats and bags on a bed and let your guests keep their footwear on to avoid cluttering the doorway.

For large groups, serve foods that are easy to eat while standing and use disposable or compostable plates. Set up a drink station and keep your drinks chilled and ready for your guests to help themselves.

If your dining room is too small for a large dinner party, try rearranging the furniture in your living room and move your table there. You can add folding tables as needed and disguise them with one long tablecloth.

Keep holiday decor to a minimum. Centerpieces can get in the way, as an alternative, you can add flare with folded napkins. If you wish to decorate your apartment, opt for decorations you can hang on the door or the walls. Set the atmosphere by playing music to go with your party theme, turn down the lighting a little and if you really want, set a dress code! (Ugly sweater party anyone?)

Cooking dinner or using the oven during a party can really heat up an apartment, so look for alternative ways to cook your food to keep your apartment from overheating your guests. Avoid the oven by using a slow-cooker or instant-pot for some dishes and pre-cook anything that will reheat well. Plan to clean up as you go or stash dirty dishes in a safe spot to tend to later.

No matter how you prepare for your party, remember to have fun!