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How Living in an Apartment Can Amp Up Your Social Life

There are many benefits to living in an apartment. Surprisingly, they don't all have to do with finances!

One of the most overlooked benefits is how renting can help you become more social.

Next Apartment knows it can be hard to get out and meet people, which is why we love the renter's lifestyle! Here are 4 simple ways to get social at home.


Talk to your neighbours

Living in an apartment building gives you a great opportunity to meet new people. When you go out and come home each day, say "hello" to your neighbours. Strike up a conversation at the mailboxes, or offer to help a neighbour bring in their groceries. Little gestures can create the foundations for friendship.


Start a community group

Sometimes it's hard to get to know a neighbour that lives a few floors above or below you. Community groups within a building can help. Start a fitness group for anyone that wants to walk, jog, or run together. Book clubs are also a great idea, and you can have your members meet in a different apartment each month. Or, try a cooking club instead!


Community parties

Community parties are another great way to bring everyone in a building together. For a successful party, plan it for a day on the weekend when most of your neighbours are home. Our buildings in Aurora and Sault Ste. Marie have beautiful courtyards and grounds that are perfect for gatherings. Just make sure to consult your property manager before planning a party.


Turn to social media

Social media is also helpful for establishing new relationships. Create a page on Facebook or a profile on Twitter for your apartment community to include everyone without tying them to a physical location and time. These types of groups are great for planning events like yard sales, parties, or fundraisers.


Living in an apartment offers you endless ways to meet people. If you are looking to become more social, contact us today. We can help you find the perfect rental in a community that suits you best.