By: Next Apartment

How to Stand Out when Applying for an Apartment

Apartment hunting can be rather competitive. If you want to stand out over other applicants, we can help. The best way to secure the apartment of your dreams is to be prepared, organized, and ready for anything that might come up.

Your credit score will make or break your chances of renting that perfect apartment. Landlords use a credit check to ensure you can pay rent consistently each month. Checking your credit score before you plan to rent allows you time to improve it or fix any errors that may be apparent. A credit score of between 750 and 900 is excellent; however, anything below 600 is poor. 

Be organized and have all the documents you’ll need ready to go. When applying for an apartment, you’ll need a completed rental application, proof of identity (photo ID driver’s license or health card), your social security card, and proof of current employment. Other information you should have handy is your rental history with contact information of previous landlords.

Like applying for a job, an impressive cover letter can make all the difference in your rental application. Your cover letter should be well thought out and include why you want to rent the apartment and why you’d make a good tenant. Let your personality shine as you share your past rental experiences, hobbies, and interests.  

Landlords will also require reliable references. These references should be people who know you well, have lived near you, or who you’ve previously rented from. Your references cannot be family members, but can be employers, coworkers, neighbours, or even your university housing director. Be sure to include full names, email addresses, and phone numbers of all your references.

Most landlords ask for a security deposit, which usually equals the first and last months rent. Other deposits include a pet deposit and a key deposit. A key deposit will cover lost or damaged keys in the event they need replacing. If you have a pet, most landlords require a pet deposit in case the animal damages the rental. Some landlords may ask for your pet’s vaccination status or medical history or have restrictions on breed or type of animals allowed. 

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