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Laundry Etiquette for Pine Allard, Willow & Millwell Properties

Next Apartment wants everyone to get the most out of our shared laundry rooms, which is why we put together a few great suggestions everyone can follow.

  1. Avoid late night washing. Be considerate to those in the apartments closest to the laundry room, the extra noise can be disruptive.  Stick to laundry hours, or adopt the 7am - 10pm rule.

  2. Clean up after yourself. Clean up soap spills, throw away softener sheets, empty the lint trap and wipe down any dirt on the machines before leaving the room.

  3. Remove your clothing promptly. Learn the washing and drying times of the machines and be there to remove them promptly when the cycles are done.

  4. Respect your neighbour's belongings. If there are still items in the washer after the cycle is finished, be patient. We all lose track of time sometimes and would rather not have our fellow residents handle our delicates. Please do not place someone else's items in the dryer and start it. It may seem considerate to start the drying cycle for your neighbour; however, their clothing could be heat sensitive. If ample time has gone by and no other machines are available, place all items neatly on a clean surface, or if possible, in your neighbour's basket. Additionally, when removing items from the dryer (after a grace period), be considerate and place all items on a clean surface or in a laundry basket.

When everyone is considerate, the laundry room can function smoothly. If you notice repeat laundry etiquette breaching, let your superintendent know so they can issue a friendly reminder to all residents in the building.

Here are a few simple laundry tips everyone can use:

  • Use an aluminum foil wrapped tennis ball instead of a fabric softener sheet or cut all your fabric softener sheets in half to make them last longer.

  • A thick and fluffy towel will absorb moisture from your clothing when added to the drying cycle. Leave it in for the first 15 minutes, then remove.

  • Prevent colour fading and bleeding by adding salt. The chloride in salt will seal in the colour therefore keeping your brights bright!

  • Treat stains promptly. This comprehensive guide will help you fight any type of stain.

  • When washing always zip up zippers so they don't snag other sensitive items and unbutton buttons to reduce stress on the buttons and button holes.

Tired of using a public laundromat? All of our buildings have in-house laundry facilities, check out our listings in Aurora and Sault Ste Marie today.