By: Next Apartment
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Make Your Apartment Feel Bigger

Bigger apartments aren't always necessary. If you're finding your apartment feels cramped, it's time to think outside the box and find space you never knew you had.


Next Apartment is here with 5 foolproof ways to make your apartment look and feel bigger.

De-clutter and reduce

Less clutter in your apartment will instantly make your space feel bigger. Less artwork on the walls will leave more white space, and dual purpose furniture will allow you to reduce the need for extra fixtures. Green Storage in Aurora and Store it Yourself in Sault St. Marie offer reliable storage solutions for whatever won't fit in your apartment. 

Think light 

Using a light décor scheme throughout your apartment will not only make it brighter, it'll expand the space. Keep the walls light, and if your flooring is dark, try a light coloured area rug. Ditch overhead lights and opt for three smaller sources of light instead. Also, using glass tables or transparent furniture will open the space and give the illusion of a larger room.


Keep your apartment from feeling cramped with organization. Furniture with hidden storage is ideal, but if you move the couch out from the wall and add a storage shelf or bookshelf behind it, you'll make the room appear larger. Artwork hung lower on the wall gives the illusion of a higher ceiling and a bigger room. Try placing your furniture on an angle, but remember not to block traffic from flowing through the apartment. 


Mirrors do wonders for making a space feel bigger. They also brighten the space by reflecting the light and redirecting it. Place a mirror behind a light source, like a lamp, to maximize the light's reach, or give the illusion of another window by hanging a mirror directly opposite of a real window. 

Raise the roof

If you draw the eye up in small spaces, your room will feel bigger. Light coloured drapes hung floor to ceiling are a good start. Sheer is the best fabric for windows because they let in the most sunlight. Installing shelving near the ceiling also helps to draw the eye upward. Use the shelving for plants, knick-knacks, and even books.