By: Next Apartment
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Moving Tips!

Moving into a new apartment can be really exciting, but it can also be very stressful.

Next Apartment wants to help reduce your stress this moving day by offering you some valuable moving tips!

Getting ready to move is very time consuming, but when you plan ahead, you will reduce your stress. Make yourself a To-Do List to keep you on schedule and try some of these time-saving packing tips:

1. For moves within the city, keep your clothes in your drawers and use plastic wrap to secure them. Group your hanging clothes in bunches and secure the hangers with an elastic. Then cover them with a garbage bag and poke the hangers through the bag.

2. Don't pack your towels and linens - use them as packing material! Wrap plates with towels and stack them vertically in boxes and use linens to pack picture frames, mirrors, and other large breakables.

3. Colour code your moving boxes to match the room they belong in. This will help the moving crew quickly place the right boxes in each room.

4. Don't move what you don't need. Moving provides the perfect opportunity to de-clutter. So, don't pack anything you don't have a place for in your new apartment.

5. Packing can be a tedious process, so be sure to give yourself plenty of breaks to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

6. Fill a moving day tote where you can store the items you know you will need right away in your new apartment.

7. Share your new contact information with your friends, family, and your employer. Don't forget to notify these important places:

  • Credit cards and banks
  • Car Insurance
  • Canada Post
  • Government ID (Health card, driver's license, age of majority card, EI, OSAP, car ownership etc.)
  • Schools
  • Cellphone and/or VoIP provider

8. Secure a moving company or rent a truck for your move and ask friends and family to help you move.

9. Take measurements of your new apartment or use a floorplan to make sure your furniture will fit and decide where you are going to place it.


No matter how you prepare for your move, we hope you find a way to enjoy the experience. Still looking for that perfect apartment? Contact us to view our suites today.