By: Ingrid

So you want to move.....

Well, you have decided to move... you give your two months notice... you look for a new place... you sign on the dotted line.... and the fun begins... packing boxes... inviting all your friends to join you on moving day to haul all the goods to your new HOME! 

But... did you forget anything? 

I don't mean your cat (which I hope you did not)... I mean did you remember to tell all your friends your new address?  Well, you probably did... but what about the address on your health card, your drivers license, your car ownership and insurance... did you remember all those... well if you are a fisherman you might need to include fishing licence, or perhaps a firearms license. Hey, what about Revenue Canada... you do want them to know where you live - correct?

Finally, did you notify Canada Post???  They can redirect mail to your new place if you register and pay.  At the very least you will get your mail forwarded and one by one change the address.