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Vacation Prep: What You Need to do Before Leaving Your Apartment

It's easy to get excited and forget something important when leaving on vacation.

Preparing your apartment for your absence is just as important as packing your clothes. Follow these simple tips to have a worry-free vacation.


A few weeks before:

Contact your landlord a few weeks before your vacation to let them know when you'll be away. If your vacation overlaps with the day your rent is due, either leave a post-dated cheque or schedule a payment with your bank. 

Set up a hold mail service at the post office to keep your mail secure, or ask a friend to check your mail while you're gone. 

Create packing lists and to-do checklists to keep you organized as you prepare to leave. Keep them on the fridge so everyone can contribute and help cross items off.

If you'll be visiting another country on vacation, make an appointment with your doctor to get any necessary vaccinations and double check your travel insurance to ensure you'll have coverage while away.


A few days before:

A couple of days before you leave, schedule bill payments with your bank or banking app for any upcoming bills. If you're going to be making purchases on your credit card in a different country, notify your credit card company of your planned vacation.

Leave your trip contact information with someone you trust so they can contact you in the event of an emergency. Also, give your landlord an emergency contact person in case there is a problem while you're away.

Coming home to a clean apartment is ideal! Do your best to tidy and clean up before your departure and wash all laundry before you leave. Make a few dinners to put in the freezer to make mealtime easier when you return. 


The day of:

In the morning, take out the garbage and recycling to prevent your apartment from collecting odours while you're gone. Put fresh sheets on the beds, lock windows, and close all blinds to block out the sun. When you leave, take your completed checklists with you for peace of mind, and to help with re-packing when you head home.


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