By: Next Apartment

Warm Your Apartment Without Turning Up the Heat

With the winter weather here, it’s time to pull up the covers in your apartment. Instead of cranking the heat up, we’ve got some tips to help you warm up your apartment without turning up the heat. 

Cold drafts can seep in through the windows and doors of your apartment. Place your hand close to the window seal and the door threshold to feel for a draft. If you feel any cool air, contact your property manager and submit a maintenance request. Drafts can let in cold air and moisture, so whenever you feel a draft, get it repaired as soon as possible.

With no cold air seeping in, you can start insulating your apartment like you would yourself when heading outdoors. Starting with the floors, add layers to insulate. Whether you have carpet or hardwood, adding area rugs and runners will pad your floors keeping them warmer.

In the bedroom, switch your lightweight bedding for flannel fabrics and thick cozy comforters. Let the sunshine into your apartment through the day, but in the evening, close the drapes to trap warm air inside. Even without a draft coming in, switching to thermal drapes can act like extra insulation. 

Ceiling fans can keep us cool in the summer, but they can also help keep us warm in the winter. If you have a ceiling fan, make sure it’s spinning clockwise. Heat can sometimes get stuck and settle into pockets in your apartment. Ceiling fans mix the air pulling the cold air up and pushing the warm air back down.  

Don’t waste the warmth when you cook. After using the oven, turn it off, but leave the oven door open a bit to allow that hot air to warm up the kitchen. Baking is a fun winter activity that can keep your apartment warm and provide a nice treat to snack on.

Remember that even indoors, it’s important to bundle up. Don’t adjust the heat without first putting on a sweater and slippers first. Adding fleece throws to the couch and soft furniture will make them handy and help keep you cozy.

If you’re looking for a new apartment this winter, we have a variety of cozy suites available in Sault Ste. Marie.