Watersports to get into the Summer

Sault Ste. Marie has a beautiful landscape and with it, access to St. Mary River and all its glory. Getting out on the water this summer is the perfect way to stay fit, have fun, and explore what your city has to offer. 

Did you know the St. Mary River is the best place to enjoy watersports in the SOO? If you’re looking to get on the water this summer, check out these fun activities you can do minutes from your Sault Ste. Marie apartment. 

Scuba Diving is a relaxing water sport that is suitable for everyone age 10 and up. Once trained and certified, divers can explore waters on their own. Because this water sport is low impact, it’s a good way to fit in a little exercise while having fun. Here in Sault Ste. Marie, you can scuba dive along the St. Mary River, just a short drive from our Pine Allard Apartments.

Another relaxing sport to try is fishing. Fishing engages your arms, back, and legs in this calming activity. Here in the SOO, fishing can be done off the fishing platforms on the waterfront walkway, along the St Mary Rapids, or under the international bridge.

Canoeing and kayaking can be a wonderful way to explore the St. Mary River alone or with friends. There are plenty of public boat launches available along the river. Canoeing and kayaking are also low impact aerobic workouts that help improve your strength and flexibility. 

Swimming is a full body workout that keeps your heart rate up while reducing impact stress on your muscles. While you move through the water, you’ll build endurance, strengthen muscles, and improving your cardiovascular health. Pointe des Chênes beach, just 20 minutes from Pine Allard Apartments, has a beautiful beach perfect for a day of swimming. Or, enjoy a swim no matter the weather at John Rhodes Community Centre Pool less than 5 minutes away.

Stand Up Paddling is a full body workout that helps improve your balance and can be done by all ages. SUP combines surfing with canoeing in a relaxing and fun activity. Here in the SOO, you can launch or rent a paddle board from the Sault College Waterfront Adventure Centre, just 6 minutes from our Pine Allard Apartments.