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Winter Moving Tips

Moving any time of the year can be stressful, but winter moving comes with its own challenges.

If you have made the decision to move out during the winter, we have some helpful suggestions to make your cold winter moving a great success. 

Due to the fluctuation in temperatures, your fragile items will be more susceptible to breakage during cold weather. So when packing make sure to double wrap anything breakable and insulate the boxes with blankets. Plastic totes are durable and great for moving stuff in them, but if they get really cold, the plastic can break as well. To avoid breakage, you should make sure not to drop or handle totes roughly, while letting them warm to room temperature before opening. 

Moving companies are generally less busy during the winter and may offer a discount when you book with them. We recommend looking for companies that have been certified by the Canadian Association of Movers and checking their references. You also shouldn't pick the first random company you see either. We strongly advise to check their websites for information on moving practices and call to ask about their winter weather policies. A good deal is only beneficial if you actually end up receiving high quality service. 

You can protect your friends, family, and movers by making sure that your walkways are cleared of snow and salted. In order to ensure that, you can drive the route to your new apartment and note any safety issues. You should keep a shovel and salt at both locations, so you can stay on top of the weather and clear paths if they become covered. 

Winter weather can cause complications. This is why we also recommend protecting your floors by laying down plastic tarps, cardboard, or old towels at the entrance way and high traffic areas. If you have enough people helping, you can designate inside and outside movers to eliminate dirty tracks throughout the house. This is important for both your current residence and your new apartment. After the moving process, you can dispose all the protective materials and clean up any messes that occurred easily.

Although moving during the winter can eliminate heat related stress and exhaustion, there are still things to think about in advance. For example, you should remember to dress in layers yourself for a winter move, so you can remove or add layers as your body heat changes. We also advise to prepare plenty of hot beverages and ensure no one is left out in the cold too long.

If you are ready to take on a winter move, ask us about our apartments available in Sault Ste. Marie and Aurora.